Friday, 25 October 2013

Rolls Ghost

The new baby Rolls Royce has been named the Ghost. The “Silver Ghost” appeared way back in 1906 and it was a beauty of a machine. A car like no other that took the world by surprise. So the new baby Rolls Royce has a lot to live up too.

For starters it’s not a baby, this is a proper Rolls despite being smaller than the bigger Phantom and sharing a platform with the 7-Series. So why pay the huge amount for a car that’s basically a 7-series in an expensive suit and even shares parts from the German parent. Yes BMW owns Rolls Royce.

Well for starters the luxury offered in the Rolls can only be compared with uhmm a Rolls. Posh leather inserts, the finest of wood and solid chrome gives this interior a gloss finish and the Spirit of Ecstasy, much like the lady that pops in and out of the bonnet.

With the 7-Series platform underneath, the drive is nothing compared to the German. The Rolls glides and floats as if it were a cloud. Despite carrying all of its 2.5 tons, performance is good. Under the bonnet there’s BMW 6.6L Twin-turbo V12 with 420kw and 780Nm and 0-100km/h in 5 seconds. So you have the speed to get you any were any time.

Despite having to use German bits to make a car, Rolls Royce have pulled of a true British Ghost with lots of royalty.


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