Friday, 16 March 2012

Top 10 Movie Cars

Yes. Ever wondered what the 10 best cars to ever appear in a movie are? Well so did we. And wondered what to put in this list, but then decided to find the beauty of the bad-dest. The one’s you wouldn’t say no to. So here is what we found.

10. General Lee Charger
We have all watched the mad and crazy that is The Dukes of Hazard. A movie where we see a car jump and jump and jump some more and drift and drift and drift some more and ohh running away from the 5-0 or poe-poes or cops or police. Whichever you like. This 1969 Dogde Charger, orange with a confederal flag on the roof and a horn like no other, made us stick around and watch the movie just to see what two crazy Americans that jump in and out the window, because the doors where welded shut. We don’t know why either.

9. Vanishing Point Challenger
1970 Dodge Challenger R/T in white, containing a noise to move mountains and making you just go out for a drive like you’ve never done before. We actually did go and do just that. Despite the fact not all of us have muscle cars we were able to feel a connecting between man and car. The beginning of a new era.

8. Bullitt Mustang
Steve McQueen made any car look cool next to him. The 1968 Ford Mustang 390 on the other hand needed no such help. Chasing cars down like a greyhound does rabbits and tearing the tarmac like earthquake. No wonder San Francisco is famous for having rail road’s in the middle of the road. Normal cars were simply scared Sh**-less.

7. 007 Goldfinger DB5
The Aston Martin DB5. A car so beautiful that it took the attention away from all the Bond girls that featured alongside it. A brand so powerful with beauty, it was hard to make it stand out from the rest. So the one thing to have it “stand out” was to fit it with all the 007 gadgets, and boy oh boy what a effect it had on us.

6. Bumble BeeWell… Why not. Would you mind if you had a car that was there for you every time or even transformers to fight of alien robots you didn’t know about? Would you? We don’t. So here we give credit to the famous Bumble Bee Chevrolet Camaro. Despite the yellow and black paint scheme, we tend to see beyond that, just because it can do what no other car can.

5. Transporter A8
Yes it’s big and heavy. And you probably don’t like to wear a suit all day every day, or even drive like Frank Martin, or even kick ass like he does. But in the end we find out it’s the car that makes him who he is. A big executive Audi A8 W12, that gives others a different image about yourself then what they might think and we don’t care about that. Just as long as we have the ability to cruise in comfort and have the power to run away from whatever.

4. 2 Fast 2 Furious Skyline
Honestly. You didn’t know about the Nissan R34 Skyline, until you saw it in this movie. And if you had anything else, then the trade-in was for this. Only then you realised what it could actually do and the potential it contained. A big spoiler, blue strips, whistling turbo, blue neon lights. If you where ever unsure about having NOS in your ride, here we see a car that handled it with ease, and even its breath was a cool breeze coming from the front bumper. Hence the nickname Godzilla.

3. Fast and Furious Supra
The car that made you want to have a tuner parked in your garage, with a massive spoiler, funny decals, huge turbo’s, nitrous and red buttons on your steering wheel. This Toyota Supra made the tuning world come alive when it dashed and beat a Ferrari the very first time it woke up, giving birth to the street racer. Whether you broke or not, you want one.

2. Fast and Furious Charger
1969 Dodge Charger. Black. Fat. Underrated. Big ran-air intake on top of a supercharger. Chunky tyres. Huge V8 with humungous power. And the ability to lift the front wheels clean of the ground. The Dark child of a Torreto. So vicious and powerful, it refuses to die unless it kills its creator first. A quarter mile sprint in less than 10 seconds. Scary? You not the first one to be.

1. Gone in 60 seconds Shelby
A car like no other. More Sex appeal then Angelina Jolie. It even made her look bad in this movie. Every time you saw this beast you even forgot Angelina exists. Yeah I know. A car so powerful and elegant at the same time. The 1969 Shelby Mustang named Eleanor made the car would drool oil every her name came up. Ghost rider himself (Nicolas Cage) struggled to contain this car, making her our number one pick.


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